BigPassport Re-Furbish USB Headphone with Microphone (Model: Pro-Tech 134) | HSN:- 85183000


This is a Refurbish product with minor cosmetic scratch

For FAQs related to Renewed products, please
  • Light Weight Design: Comfortable and Light-Weight Design for Multipurpose Use.
  • Rotatable Mic: 330 degree arm rotation microphone.
  • Noise Cancellation: In-Built Noise Cancellation Microphone.
  • HD Sound Quality: 30 MM Driver Unit deliver Full Balanced Sound for Complete Listening Experience.
  • USB Plug and Play: USB Headphone Connector for Professional Support Calls/Online Course/Class.
  • Inline- Controls: In built In-hand Controls with LED indicator.
  • Refurbish Product: Big Passport Pro Tech 134 is a Refurbish Product with Minor Scratch.
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Big Passport Pro Tech 134 headphones with mic on pc/laptop

Big Passport usb headset with mic comes with an in built noise cancellation Microphone with no more disturbance from outside the World. With crystal clear sound, perfect for online class, support calls and webinar presentation. Pro-Tech 134 is a multipurpose USB headphone. With 30 MM Electro Magnetic Driver gives you the Balanced HD sound quality with 330-degree microphone arm rotation.

  • Renewed Product:Products that are returned from customers and by the courier return are tested and then sold as Renewed. Products might have some cosmetic marks and sign of usage, but with fully functional product
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone: Auto noise cancellation functionality to remove any background sound disturbance. Clear and HD sound communication every time. Perfect for online classes or office meetings.
  • In-Hand Control: Inbuilt control buttons for easy use i.e., volume up and down, mute mic/headphone with LED Indicators. Control all features direct from your headphone.
  • Adjustable Headphone: An ultra-lightweight (77 gm) headphone made from high quality poly carbonate. Ultra-soft cushions foam ear pads to remove any irritation & pressure on ears during long usage. Fully adjustable head & mic to fit any face size comfortably
  • Multi-Purpose Use: Designed for Skype calling, Online classes, Zoom Meetings or listening to music. A perfect entry level headset for online gaming & YouTube broadcasting.
  • USB Plug and Play Installation: Simple Plug and Play installation. Just insert into any USB port and the headset is ready to use. No software or additional driver installation required.

Demo Video of usb headphones with mic:

headphones with mic on pc
headphones with mic

Features of headset : –

headphone with mic on pc

Durable Design

Made with highest quality PVC carbon bond material for extra flexibility and adjustable design that can comfortably & easily fit with any size and head shape. Polyester fibers and fabrics are highly durable and strong for long life.

headphone with mic

Super Lightweight Design

Weighs only 77g/2.73oz. The balloon can easily pull it up. With BigPassport PC headphone, you can focus on your calls and easily forget that you are wearing it. It is comfortable to wear during long calls throughout a work day.


330° Microphone Rotation

Flexible and 360° rotatable microphone can be on either left or right side and positioned for better voice catch. Double-sided design, which is ideal for helping you focus on your calls by blocking out distractions and environment noises.

usb headphones with mic

Balanced Sound and Soft Ear Pads

30 mm driver units of the on-ear headphones deliver full, balanced sound for a complete listening experience. Soft foam earpads are cushioned and breathable, so your ears don’t get hot after long time wearing. Also, the earmuffs are rotatable for adjustment to fit your ears automatically.

usb headset

Back-Ground Noise Cancellation Mic.

The most important function of USB Headset with mic is to eliminate background noise and let customers hear your voice clearly. Pro- Tech 134 USB headphone with microphone is a premium performance business headset, delivering crystal-clear conversations for closer connections with your caller.

headphone with mic

Convenient In-Hand Control

Easy to access In-hand Controls. Volume up down and answer reject call button. Simple Plug and Play installation of USB Headphone into USB port on your computer and Laptop. Control all features directly from your headphone with usb connector for Professional Support Calls and Online Course or classes.

usb headphone

Package Includes

Headphone         1 unit
User Manual       1 unit
Warranty Card    1 unit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Renewed product?
Products that are returned from customers or by courier return are tested and then sold as Renewed. Products might have some cosmetic marks & sign of usage, but fully functional.
What is covered in warranty for renewed products?
All Big Passport Renewed products are supplied with 2 months warranty. If for any valid reason product stop working, Big Passport will repair or replace the product.
What is length of wire?
It has 1.5m long wire.
Is the mic detachable?
No, Mic is not detachable. It is fixed.
Does it need to install any drivers?
No need to install any additional driver as it is plug and play device.
Does the mic can be bent into any shape?
Yes, the mic can be rotating with 330°and bent into any shape you want. secure packing. Due to customer return, products may not be supplied in its original box.
How will I get support to install Big Passport Renewed products?
Same as Big Passport new products, for all Renewed products there are installation videos & user manual available. If user still face any issue with installation, they can contact Big Passport Customer care team.

*For further query/questions, please contact Big Passport customer support team @ +91-97114 11021 OR Email:

Technical Specification
Model No.Pro-Tech_134
Speaker Parameters
Speaker diameter:40 mm.
Impedance:32 ohms
Sensitivity:110 dB
Noise Level:≤-78 dB
Dynamic Range:≥78 dB
Distortion rate:1
Stereo Crosstalk:≤-52dBA
Frequency range:20Hz-20000KHz
Microphone Parameters
Function:Noise Cancellation
Sensitivity:-58 dB
Directionality:Omni Directional
Impedance:≤2.2 ohms
Frequency range:20Hz-20000KHz
Headphone Parameters
How to wear:Head mounted
Cable length:2m/1.35m


102 reviews for BigPassport Re-Furbish USB Headphone with Microphone (Model: Pro-Tech 134) | HSN:- 85183000

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    Parvin Dabas

    Got the renewed ones quality is good

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    Excellent product even though renewed one product

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    Liked it very much!!!!

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    Nice One very happy

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    Jim Sarbh

    Okay Product But Bass quality is average.

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    Build Quality is worth it at this price.

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    Sarath Babu

    Quality is good, but bass is oKay and treble is little loud.

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    Support Team very helpful!!

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    good for online meetings . Not needed drivers to install.

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    Rahul Bose

    Little scrtaches on headset but working good in my laptop.

  11. 3 out of 5

    Parzan Dastur

    sound quality is not good so much great, Average.

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    Omkar Kapoor

    Delivery was little late, But quality of product is worth it.

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    Nice Bass and Treble balance sound

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    Tahir Raj Bhasin

    Very useful headphone at this price.

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    Kunal Singh

    Design and lOok very Good, Impress by the Quality also.

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    Anand Tiwari

    Everything is superb

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    Ammy Virk

    Bass and Treble sound is very balanced,,.

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    Nila Bhullar

    Must Buy

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    Nikhil Simha

    Good Product decent sound.

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    Quality in this price range its way beyond expectations.

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    Audio quality is good you’ll get surrounding feel where it’s needed

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    if you are bass lover then you will like it very much,

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    Aarti Kuldeep

    watching Hollywood movies on it feels great.

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    Build quality is also good, most of the components made with plastic

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    material quality is also good.

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    cushions are soft this headphone

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    headphone fits much more tighter on your ears

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    Shakeela Devi

    It is working fine with every other device

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    Nina Bhor

    Seems very good build quality and sound quality but i experienced 8 out of 10 headphones.

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    Azha Seher

    Good looking headphone with mic.

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    Daivik T.

    For non-music produces (normal people):
    This headphone is ideal for you.

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    The sound quality for the price range is excellent

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    I have been using the headphones since two days and I must say I am quite impressed.

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    it felt really light in weight.

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    Akshat Sinha

    Best Over the head phones for the price it’s Offered at.

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    Bigpassport Support Team very helpful.

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    I fall in love with sound quality,build quality,n amazing bass

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    Good Product decent sound Quality

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    Audio Quality is Crystal Clear.

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    It has amaizing with good quality sound and super bass…i love it😋Stay happy

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    Awesome product…….It’s going to be one month since I bought this headphone and l’m just loving i

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    it was delivered to me 2 days only . and product was awesome then headphone was long life use sure and comfortable

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    Awesome product nice sound clarity and bass

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    Good quality, nice bass and Mike works well too .

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    Nice, the bass is awesome and the plug for connecting to very comfortable 👌👌👌👌👏👏❤❤

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    Best headphones
    I thought headphones size are big but they are normal and fitted to our ears

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    best for gaming like free fire , pubg etc

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