USB Headphone

BigPassport USB headphone mics is the headphone that can be connect to a computer or other electronic device through Usb port. Headphones are one of the most important pieces of technology that people use on a daily basis. Most people use headphones to listen to music, but there are many other uses for usb headphones. For example, people can use usb headphones to listen to audio books, podcasts, lectures and support call.

Noise Cancellation Headphone Mics. –

Microphone is an important part of the Headphone experience. BigPassport noise cancellation mic have the ability to cancel out the background noise. Noise Cancellation Mic. is mainly use in conference calls and meetings because they make it easier for people on the call to hear each other. Active noise cancellation microphone use a smart chip to create a sound wave that is the opposite of the background noise. This wave cancels out the background noise, making it easier to hear the person speaking.

Excellent Durability-

BigPassport USB headphones are engineered to withstand years of use. Durable materials and a sleek contemporary business style deliver an attractive look that’s built to last. The upgrade ABS headband can be bend and twist into any directions with less risk of breaking.

Breathable Comfort Headphone-

The soft faux leather ear cup fits snugly on your ears, with superior comfort even for long hours of wearing. No need to take headset off for a rest, just get immerse in work or music.

Universal Compatible USB Headphone-

BigPassport USB Headphones with mic are compatible with Window, iOS and Mac OS Operating System and connect with any gaming console which support 2.0 USB port. Just simply attach the BigPassport USB Headphone with your computer via USB port and it is ready to use.

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