BigPassport USB Headphone With Inbuilt Mic (Pro-Boom_189) | HSN:- 85183000


  • USB Plug and Play: USB Headphone Connector for Digital HD Voice Communication.
  • Comfortable Wear: Comfortable, Light-Weight Design for Multipurpose Use.
  • In-Built Noise Cancellation Microphone: No More Disturbance from outside the World with Truly HD Clear Crystal Sound Quality.
  • Extreme Durability: Built-in Acoustic Shock Protection to Protect your Hearing.
  • In-Hand Control: In-line Volume Controls Button.
  • Rotatable Mic: 120* Arm Rotation Microphone.
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BigPassport Pro Boom 189 USB Headphones with Mic PC

It comes with an in-built Noise Cancellation microphone. BigPassport Pro Boom 189 Headphones with Mic PC is multipurpose USB Headphone, Great deal for Dragon speak, Online courses, Skype Chat, Call Center, Conference Calls, Webinar Presentations, 40mm Electro Magnetic Driver gives you Extra Bass sound quality with 120-degree Microphone Arm Rotation.

  • USB Plug:Full HD crystal clear sound with USB connector. Inbuilt Noise Cancellation microphone, no more disturbance during calls from loose pins of 3.5mm stereo headphones.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEADSET: A Lightweight Headphone made from high quality poly carbonate & faux leather. Ultra-soft faux leather cushions foam ear pads headrest to remove any irritation & pressure on ears during long usage hours.
  • EXTERNAL VOLUME CONTROL: In-line volume and mute Control unit, you can adjust the volume mute your mic directly from your computer headset with microphone. External intelligent mute button with LED indicator for more convenience.
  • MULTI PURPOSE: USB Headphone Pro-Boom 189 used for making Skype/Zoom Calls, Online Classes, Skype chat, call center, conference calls, webinar presentations.
  • INSTALLATION & USE: Simple Plug Play Installation via USB port and the Headset is ready to use. No Software and Additional Driver Installation is required.

Demo Video Of Headphones with mic pc

headphones with mic pc
usb headphones

Features Of Headphones: –

usb headphones

Convenient In-line Controls

Easy to access inline controls. Volume up down, Answer or End a call. Plug play, just plug the headset into the USB jack on your computer or Laptop and you’re good to go.

headphones with mic

120° Rotatable Microphone

As the noise-canceling microphone can be 120°adjusted for the optimum position and best vocal output. To achieve the best call, please adjust the microphone near your mouth.

headphones with mic

Soft Ear Cushions

Featured by soft protein memory ear pads, the BigPassport headsets are breathable and sweat absorbent. The soft foam ear cup fits snugly on your ear, with superior comfort even for hours of wearing. You can wear it for a long-time talking even in summer.

headphones with mic pc

Adjustable Headband

Comfortably fit your head with the adjustable slider. Gentle Reminder: Depending on your head/ear size/shape, it may be a little tight for someone to wear which is designed to avoid sound leakage. In case of that to get both audio, wearing comfort, please take off the headphone every 1-2 hrs. to get your ears relax, protect them from muggy environment in use.

usb headphones

Full Balanced Sound with Bass

40mm dynamic driver units of the on-ear wired headphones deliver full, balanced sound for a complete listening experience from 20Hz to 20,000kHz.

usb headphones

Noise Cancelling Mic

USB Computer Headset can reduce unwanted background noise for clear conversation. Great ideal for Dragon speaks, Online courses, Skype chat/support calls, call center, conference calls webinar presentations.


Package Includes

Headphone         1 unit
User Manual       1 unit
Warranty Card    1 unit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is length of wire?
It has 1.5m long wire.

Is the mic detachable?
No, Mic is not detachable. It is fixed.

Is the microphone boom flexible and can be close to your mouth?
Yes, with spiral mic boom you can adjust the microphone to your most comfortable angle.

Does this headset lightweight?
Yes, lightweight, and quite comfortable. Even you can wear it all day for business calls, and you almost forget that you have it on.

Is there a connecter to plug into your phone?
No, there is no connector to plug in Phone.

Would this fit someone with small head?
it is an adjustable headphone it will easily adjust even on a small head.

Technical Specification
Technical Specification
Model No.Pro-Boom_189
Speaker Parameters
Speaker diameter:40 mm.
Impedance:32 ohms
Sensitivity:110 dB
Noise Level:≤-78 dB
Dynamic Range:≥78 dB
Distortion rate:1
Stereo Crosstalk:≤-52dBA
Frequency range:20Hz-20000KHz
Microphone Parameters
Function:Noise Cancellation
Sensitivity:-58 dB
Directionality:Omni Directional
Impedance:≤2.2 ohms
Frequency range:20Hz-20000KHz
Headphone Parameters
How to wear:Head mounted
Cable length:2m/1.35m


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    Not very Upto Mark product and its Mic stand is little Loose.

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    Comfort:Ear cups are bigger than xm3s and hence more comfortable too.

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    Initial Impressions: They’re good

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    Got some issue, so I sent to service center and without asking a single question they got me replaced with another headphones.

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    I bought these for my Son. Both of us use the headphones. The sound quality

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    the price range is excellent. It got a good Bass, treble could have been sharper.

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    biggest issue with this headset, is that it’s too tight on the ears ( and I dont have a very big face ).

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    Damini Lahu

    For non-music produces (normal people):
    This headphone is ideal for you.

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    By looking at the photos of the product, I thought these are fittable headphones.

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    These are infact a great pair of headphones – but only when you are traveling or require active noise cancellation.

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