USB Headphone
Bluetooth Headphone
USB Headphone

What is length of wire?
It has 1.5m long wire.

Is the mic detachable?
No, Mic is not detachable. It is fixed.

Is their a normal port instead of the usb?
No, Headset has only USB port however Bigpassport has Wireless headphone also available.

Is the headset compatible with a Windows 7 laptop?
Yes it is compatible with Windows 7 & all others window’s, Linux & iOS operating systems etc.

Can you use it for dictation?
As this headset have an inbuilt mic you can use it for dictation, but that will depend on the software you will use for it.

can I use this with a mobile phone?
No unless you have a converter as it needs a normal size usb slot.

Is the microphone boom flexible and can be close to your mouth?
Yes, with spiral mic boom you can adjust the microphone to your most comfortable angle.

Does this headset lightweight?
Yes,lightweight and quite comfortable. Even you can wear it all day for business calls and you almost forget that you have it on.

Is there a connecter to plug into your phone?
No, There is no connector to plug in Phone.

Would this fit someone with small head?
it is an adjustable headphone it will easily adjust even on a small head.

Is this using a unidirectional condenser?
Yes the microphone of this headphone has unidirectional condenser.

Does it need to install any drivers?
No need to install any additional driver as it is plug and play device.

Does the mic can be bent into any shape ?
Yes, the mic can be rotating with 360°and bent into any shape you want.

I need a headset to work from home on my PC. Is this headset recommended?
Yes, this headphone is recommended as the sound of the headset is clear, comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Is the size of the head set adjustable to my head?
Yes, This headphone comes with an adjustable headband so it can be adjust according to the head size.

*For further query/questions, please contact BigPassport customer support team @ +91-97114 11021 OR Email: support@bigpassport.com

Bluetooth Headphone

Can we use the headphone with computer or laptop?
Yes, the headphone can be easily connected with any laptop or computer with inbuilt Bluetooth enabled function. Please note that if the computer or laptop don’t have inbuilt Bluetooth function, then customer need to buy a Bluetooth adaptor to make their computer as Bluetooth enabled.

Headphone Mic is not working or other person not able to hear my voice properly?
Mic issue mainly comes when Bluetooth mic is not selected as default voice input device in the application used for calls. To resolve this issue, simply go to the sound settings of application (i.e skype / zoom / meetings etc.) & change input sound device to Bluetooth headphone.

Can the headphone be charged only using the charging stand?
This headphone model can be charged using the charging stand or can be charged using the usb cable directly.

How can I get help?
If you face any trouble during installation, you can contact BigPassport support team via phone / email or whatsapp. All contact details are mentioned on Box and warranty card supplied with the product.

Which type to Bluetooth dongle is required to connect headphone to a computer that don’t have inbuilt Bluetooth function?
A Bluetooth adaptor dongle is required. Please note that dongle with only bluetooth transmitter or receiver function may not work properly. It must be a Bluetooth adaptor dongle. You can refer to following link to buy the compatible Bluetooth adaptor: https://www.amazon.in/TP-Link-Bluetooth-Receiver-UB500-Controllers/dp/B098K3H92Z/ref=sr_1_4?crid=1Q2G4FS3ZQ556&keywords=Tp-link+bluetooth+adapter&qid=1643632043&sprefix=tp-link+bluetooth+adapter%2Caps%2C582&sr=8-4

When pairing, Blue & Red light not flashing or only Blue light flashing.
Make sure the headphone is switched off. Then long press the MFB button for at least 5-8 seconds until Red & Blue light start flashing. *Do not release the MFB button before 5-8 seconds.

How to reset headphone or delete paired records?
In power on status, long press the Volume + and Volume – button for 5 seconds to clear the pairing record. Then turn OFF & turn ON the device. Blue & Red LED flash alternately means headphone is reset and ready to pair again.

What’s the password for pairing?
Some connection devices require password for pairing, please try 0000 or 8888 or 1111 or 1234.

What devices could be used to charge the headphone?
Any car charger, power bank, PC etc which meet DC 5V , charging current more than 500mA, could charge Pro-Air headphone.

What to do if cannot power ON the headset?
Please try charging reset: Plug the charging cable when power on, it will reset the headset and power off.

Either the headphone speaker or mic is not working?
Go to computer SOUND setting & make sure that “Pro-Air BP97” is selected under OUTPUT and INPUT drop down.

Headphone speaker volume is very low?
Adjust the Pro-Air speaker sound using the ‘+’ or ‘-’ volume button. Under computer’s SOUND settings, check the Master volume is properly adjusted.

Headphone is not working with Skype / Zoom / Meeting?
In skype, go to Settings > Audio & Video. Make sure that Pro-Air is selected under Microphone & Speaker dropdown. If not, please select from dropdown and test audio.

*For further query/questions, please contact BigPassport customer support team @ +91-97114 11021 OR Email: support@bigpassport.comHow to reset headphone or delete paired records?


Does the cam have auto focus?
Yes it has auto focus.

How do I turn on the microphone?
It is simple plug & Play devices and starts working once we start any live video.

Will this automatically default when i have a built-in camera on my laptop?
Most of time it automatically starts working even when you have in-built camera but in certain cases need to do manually.

Can you zoom out with this camera?
Zoom in and zoom out depends upon the software you are using.

What is length of tripod?
Tripod is expendable and have two chambers, it can be extended upto 18cm

Do it support whatsapp calling?
Yes, it do support whatsapp video calling feature.

Does this webcam support chroma key (green screen)?
Yes it is compatible with green screen.

Can this web cam be use for google meet or duo.
Yes it is well compatible with Google meet & Duo, all you need to switch webcam from in-built to bigpassport while in use.

Do it works on mobile phone also.
No, It doesnot work on mobile phone.

How to fix blur images?
Blur images can be easily fixed by rotating lens, it is available in selected models only.

Can it be possible to disable Webcam mic in case I want to use in-built mic?
Yes, webcam mic can be easily disable from sound setting by selecting proper microphone.

I bought this but none of my apps like skype, msteams or zoom recognize the camera. the instructions are useless. ideas?
Webcam is well compatible with every software, in case if it is not working, please change Webcam, setting from computer control panel.

how does this connect to computer?
You just need to plug the USB end of the webcam into a USB port on your computer/laptop.

Is the power cable removable or hardwired?
It is hardwired.

Does the camera rotate left to right?
No it will not move left to right. It Only rotate up and down.

*For further query/questions, please contact BigPassport customer support team @ +91-97114 11021 OR Email: support@bigpassport.com


Does BigPassport Microphone work with iPhones?
Yes, Any USB microphone can connect to a compatible iPhone or iPad when using a genuine Apple Lightning to USB camera adapter. Lighting adapter is mainly supplied with iPhone, but can also be bought separately.

Does this come with a foam cover for the mic?
Yes, it comes with foam cover for the mic.

Will this microphone be compatible with win 10?
Yes, it is well compatible with microphone.

Is this healful for person having low soound problem?
Yes, it captures very little and small sound.

Does this work with Skype?
Yes, it is well compatible with microsoft.

do I need to install and driver to work?
It is simple plug & play device with auto driver install function.

Do i need a software program to use this microphone?
This is a great microphone, all you have to do is plug it in and start using it. No software is needed. it is controlled by windows.

Will it work on my mobile phone?
Yes, 3.5MM jack microphone can be easily use on mobile as well.

I want to plug this into my classroom PC & amplify my voice through the speakers. Can that be done in real time?
Yes it can be, but we recommend you to go for wireless microphone rather than fixed one.

Is this omnidirectional mic having inhand controls?
Yes, it has omnidirectional mic and have inhand controls also. Mute & unmute function is limited with some of the models only.

Does it has warranty and how to claim it?
Yes, it do have warranty and it warranty registration is mandatory within 14 days of product delivery to claim it.

Will I get any light indication while in use?
No, It do not give any light indication.

will it work with karaoke?
Yes, it do support karaoke.

Can I use it record youtube video?
Yes, it supports multiple platforms for sound recording & podcaste.

Is their any model which can be use as collar mic?
Yes, we do have lavier microphone which can be used as coller microphone. Model number is Pro-Sound M141

Is their any inline controller with microphone?
Some of Bigpassport model has inline controller like Model MU07.

*For further query/questions, please contact BigPassport customer support team @ +91-97114 11021 OR Email: support@bigpassport.com


What is a Renewed product?
Products that are returned from customers or by courier return are tested and then sold as Renewed. Products might have some cosmetic marks & sign of usage, but fully functional.

Are the Renewed product in fully working conditions & what is warranty?
Yes, all Renewed products tested and certified in full working order. For complete peace of mind all Renewed products are supplied with 2 months warranty.

Are the Renewed products supplied with required accessories and packing?
BigPassport supply are Renewed products with required accessories and fittings and in secure packing. Due to customer return, products may not be supplied in its original box.

Why the Renewed products are heavily discounted?
BigPassport  is committed to make sure their customers are 100% happy with their purchase and hence provide an easy return option. So if due to any reason customer don’t like the product and return, there might be some usage marks or scratch on products and customer might have not returned the product with original packing. Due to these minor scratches and missing original box, Renewed products are sold with good discounts.

What is covered in warranty for Renewed products?
All BigPassport Renewed products are supplied with 2 months warranty. If for any valid reason product stop working, BigPassport will repair or replace the product.

How will I get support to install BigPassport Renewed products?
Same as BigPassport new products, for all Renewed products there are installation videos & user manual available. If user still face any issue with installation, they can contact BigPassport Customer care team

For more specific FAQs about any particular product, please go to corresponding product page and see the FAQ tab.

*For further query/questions, please contact BigPassport customer support team @ +91-97114 11021 OR Email: support@bigpassport.com

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