Condenser Microphone-

BigPassport condenser microphones are usually use in recording studios, radio stations, and concert venues. BigPassport condenser microphone is a device use to capture acoustic energy and convert it into an electrical signal. This signal can then be amplified and transmitted through a loudspeaker or recording.

Easy Installation-

BigPassport Condenser Microphones are easy to install with USB plug and play connection. Just simply attach the BigPassport condenser microphone with your computer or laptop  via USB port and the microphone is ready to use. No need to install any additional software or extra driver to use.

High-Resolution Sound Quality-

BigPassport Condenser microphone gives 24bit/192kHz bit sound sample rate to make sure every sound details are capture in clear crystal HD format. With wide (30 Hz to 16kHz) frequency response provides you superb sound reproduction quality for high resolution audio.

Noise Cancellation Microphone –

Noise Cancellation Mic. is an important part of the Condenser Microphone experience. BigPassport noise cancellation mic have the ability to cancel out the background noise perfect for recording high quality audio for podcasts, music, voice overs, and video streaming. Active noise cancellation microphone use a smart chip to create a sound wave that is the opposite of the background noise. This wave cancels out the background noise, making it easier to hear the person speaking.

Universal Compatible Microphone-

BigPassport Condenser Microphones are compatible with Window, iOS and Mac OS Operating System and connect with any gaming console which support 2.0 USB port and 3.5MM jack. Just simply attach the microphone with your computer via USB port and 3.5MM jack and it is ready to use.

Durable Design-

BigPassport Condenser microphone are  very compact and sturdy. A perfect grip of microphone on table help to remove any cranking sound. BigPassport Condenser Microphone are perfect professional choice for podcasting and online video streaming.

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