The world is embracing digitization at an all-time high. Most of us will be glued to our desktops, laptops, or phones. There is an unprecedented transition to an ‘online mode’ of living. This is in terms of work, education, and social interaction since 2020. It is required that we update our technologies and opt for the best accessories in the market.

One thing that you need to prioritize for a seamless digital experience is a headset. With the plethora of options available in the market, you must make a sound decision. Nowadays, headphones with mic on PC are all the rage. It is because of their veritable advantages like durability, quality, great sound, etc. The headsets by BiggPassport are one-of-a-kind As a result, it very well deserves your attention. Are you planning to purchase a USB headset with a mic? But are in two minds about its utility? Let us clear your doubts.


USB headsets with mics are incredibly beneficial for people It is especially for those who are into gaming or need a top-notch pair of headsets. The will be ideal for professional usage like work, learning, etc. Some of the merits of headphones with a mic on a PC are –

1.     Own Sound Cards –

Conventional audio ports are not compatible with USB headphones with microphones. It is because of their connection method. They are connected to an open USB port instead of your laptop’s sound card. By using its sound processing engine, the headset is said to provide a unique listening experience. USB headphones are compatible with various sound devices plugged into a computer. For example, you can use your computer to play music through analog-connected speakers. Simultaneously, you can make a phone call to your USB headset with a mic.

2.     Noise Cancellation –

Additional noise-cancellation features are available on some USB headsets. Some of those are made by BigPassport. Using USB, you may send digital audio from your devices to the sound system. This filters out the music and removes white noise from the soundscape. As a result, the sound is noticeably clearer.

3.     Excellent Sound Quality – 

Headphones with a mic on PC have much better sound quality than other traditional headsets. It is because USB headphones have their own sound processing engine. They can produce 3D surround sound and change the volume. Thus, they are highly favorable for professional purposes.

4.     Stylish Design – 

One of the crucial highlights of USB headsets is their sleek design. Moreover, its also the stylish appearance. The headsets by BigPassport look timeless and luxurious and are worth every penny. 

5.     Comfort ­– 

Headphones with a mic on PC have garnered immense popularity in recent times. It is due to their comfort. Most USB headsets are flexible and snugly fit into various head sizes. Likewise, they also have high-quality and breathable cushion pads.  As a result, users can put them on for hours without feeling uncomfortable. The USB headsets by BigPassport have a unique design. This will ensure that you get the highest level of comfort and ease.

6.     Adjustable Headbands – 

The top-quality USB headsets available in the market are sturdy yet incredibly lightweight. They have a myriad of adjustments for a customized fit. 

7.     Versatility ­–

A quality that makes USB headsets with a mic stands out is their incredible versatility. From gaming to online learning to online teaching and making phone calls in a call center, USB headphones with mic on PC are the quintessential go-to for people from diverse walks of life. Thus, everyone is sure to find their match. 


There are several variants of USD headphones available on the market. Nevertheless, the ones designed by BigPassport cater to a myriad of personal and professional uses. This includes online gambling, online music, High-definition music experience, etc. Moreover, making business meeting calls is easy with crystal precise sound technology. The built-in noise cancellation feature of the headphone is like the cherry on the cake. It makes using the headphones all the more pleasurable. The headphone set can be connected to a computer or laptop through a 2.0 USB port. This is possible with a simple USB Plug and Play installation. Viola, your headphones are ready for use.

One of the best aspects of the BigPassport’s USB headphones with mic on PC is its multi-dimensional use. The headphones are perfect for digital classes, support calls, webinar presentations, etc. Particularly, with the online transitioning into an online or work-from-home mode, In addition, the in-built hand control button makes the headphones further accessible. Likewise, the volume up and down feature coupled with a mute mic headphone button with LED indicators all call for a seamless headphone experience. Now let us look at some aspects of the company – BigPassport. 


BigPassport is a highly reputable and steller Indian brand dealing with electronics. They are an Indian research and development company with a clear vision to transition into a customer-oriented entertainment and home electronics brand of global stature. The company aspires to strengthen the Made in India rhetoric by rendering people top-notch devices and diligent services. With more than 30 warehouses scattered all across India, BigPassport has witnessed a whopping growth rate of 2100 percent in 2020-2021. Moreover, for a robust global footprint, the company also operates sales and business development in the UK, the USA, Australia, and Canada. 


USB headsets with mics have various advantages and are the best bet in the current scenario. The USB headphones with mic on PC is designed by Indian electronic company BigPassport. They are ideal for people looking for an excellent headphone set with all the top-notch features. In addition, they are ideal for different scenarios. Whether be it online classes, listening to music, streaming movies, or getting on international business calls. Lastly, the cost-effectiveness of the headphones makes them all the more alluring. So, purchase one of the best headphones in the Indian market now, sit back, relax, and enjoy.


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