Buy Pro-Tech-491 USB Headsets with mic for Laptop/PC

Buy Pro-Tech-491 USB Headsets with mic for Laptop/PC

Finding the proper headphone set can be tricky. With the inundation of options available in the market, getting your hands on the optimal noise cancellation headphones with mic can be challenging. Some USB headphones look chic. However, the dampened quality mars their appeal. Contrarily, some headphone sets may be of excellent quality. However, are either too rigid or too uncomfortable for us. Are you frantically searching all over for all-encompassing headsets with mic for laptop?

Congratulations, as your search is over. The Pro-Tech 491 USB headphones from BigPassport is here for you. It is meticulously designed by keeping your needs and mandates in mind. The headphone set is ideal for getting audio output from computers, laptops, phones, and other devices. Is your interest is piqued and you want to know more about this marvelous creation by BigPassport? Then read ahead.

These headphones with mic with USB come from a stellar and highly reputable Indian brand – BigPassport.

USB mic headsets


There are a plethora of USB headphones available in the Indian market currently. However, these USB headphones with mic are a class apart from the rest. It is because of their versatility, style, resilience, unique features, and top-notch quality. The headphones are the quintessential pair for all your needs. Such as online classes, business meetings, or streaming music.

These USB mic headphones are unique. They come with a USB jack instead of a 3.5 mm jack. As a result, it makes them perfect for digital devices of all kinds. Likewise, the built-in mic of the headphone has a mini remote control. This feature makes the set unique. With the remote, you can perform rudimentary functions. You can play or pause music, volume up or down, and likewise. The headphones have a classy and sleek look. Moreover, they have a luxurious appeal.

The headphones by BigPassport weigh a mere 100 grams. Moreover, they are ideal for long-distance travel and extensive usage. The noise cancellation feature of the headphones removes any background noise. As a result, it will ensure a crystal clear sound delivery. Thus, they become optimal for professional uses. The usability of the headphone set, coupled with its affordable price, makes it one of the best USB headphone sets on the market right now. So, without further ado, let us look at the features of the Pro-tech 491 USB headphones.

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  1. In-built Noise Cancellation–

    The headphones with mic by BigPassport are an excellent way to listen to music or talk to a loved one. This is because it comes with noise cancellation. The commonly available noise cancellation headphones available on the market can be very expensive. However, the ones by BigPassport are are budget-friendly. The power-packed noise cancellation features of the headphones blur all sounds in the background. As a result,  it will ensure a seamless headphone experience. Furthermore, the built-in microphone adds the perfect oomph to the device.


  1. Cost-effective –

    The Big Passport headsets with mic for laptop are very cost-effective. The headphones do not require any battery, and you can connect them to your computer via a USB port. Thus, you will not break your bank in purchasing new batteries or replacing them.

  1. Lightweight –

    Some top-quality headphones can be bulky and heavy. However, the Pro-Tech 491 USB mic headphones are incredibly lightweight, portable, and travel-friendly. They are easy to use, and you can easily fit them into a small-sized bag.

  1. Resilient–

    Durability and resilience highlight a good headphone set. It is designed to withstand the hassles and drudgery of everyday life. They are made from solid material with a durable design and will last you for years.


  1. Adjustable Headband –

    The headsets with mic for laptops have an adjustable headband. As a result, it can be altered to fit any head size. You may fine-tune the snugness of this sturdily constructed yet surprisingly light USB headset. The long-lasting comfort of the ultra-soft foam cushions is a result of this design. Thus, the Pro-Tech 440 is ideal for people who have difficulty finding fitting headphones.

    6. World-class Features –

    The headphone with mic and USB is equipped with inbuilt buttons for control and easy usage. It has buttons for volume up or down, muting the mic, and likewise. You can directly control the features from the headset. Likewise, the headphones are incredibly easy to install. All you need to do is connect the headphones through USB to a phone, laptop, or computer. Do that and you’ll be ready to listen to music. The headphones do not require additional software or driver installation.

  1. 330* Degree Rotation –

    You can rotate the headphones with mic three-hundred-thirty degrees with no risk that they will break. Thus, you can move the microphone where you want to get the best sound. The headphone is great for making calls online and having business meetings every day

Thus, the pros of Pro-Tech 491 headphones by BigPassport are –

●       Lightweight and durability

●       Adjustable headband and 330 degrees rotation

●       Crystal clear sound with noise cancellation features

●       Sleek look

●       Affordable and unique in-built features


Now is the time to invest in the best headphones with mic with USB from BigPassport. The versatility of the headphones, coupled with their sleek design and world-class features, sets them a class apart from the rest.


The company is an Indian research and development company with a lucid vision to transition into a customer-oriented entertainment and home electronics brand of global stature. The company aspires to strengthen the Made in India rhetoric by rendering people top-notch devices and diligent services. Moreover, for a robust global footprint, the company also operates sales and business development in the UK, the USA, Australia, and Canada. With more than 30 warehouses scattered all across India, BigPassport has witnessed a whopping growth rate of 2100 percent in 2020-2021. Thus, the company is on its way to becoming an inter-continental digital giant. Therefore, now that we know the essential aspects of BigPassport, let us dovetail into the details of its bestseller headphones.


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