A complete guide on BigPassport Pro-tech-440 USB Mic Headphones

the best headphones with mic

A complete guide on BigPassport Pro-tech-440 USB Mic Headphones

Finding a suitable headphone set can be challenging. It is mainly due to the abundant choices projected on us. Some USB mic headphones may look sleek. However, their sound quality is subpar. Others may have an excellent sound quality but are uncomfortable to put on. However, now learn about a pair of USD headphones. We will look at those that are holistic, all-encompassing, and available as per your specific requirements! The Pro-tech 440 USB headphone by BigPassport comes with a mic It is is a great way to get audio output. You can get great output from your computer, phone, or another device. In addition, the headphone is highly portable, has top-quality sound, active noise cancellation, and unparalleled convenience. Read ahead if you have an interest in knowing more about the best headphones with a mic, the Pro-tech 440.

The Pro-Tech 440 best headphones with a mic comes from a stellar and highly reputable Indian brand – BigPassport. Before dovetailing into the device’s details, let us know more about this inspiring company.


There are several variants of USD headphones available on the market. Nevertheless, the ones designed by BigPassport cater to a myriad of personal and professional uses. They are ideal for online gaming, online music, and High-definition music experience. Moreover, they are great for making business meeting calls with crystal precise sound technology. The built-in noise cancellation feature of the headphone is like the cherry on the cake. It is because it makes using the headphones all the more pleasurable. You can connect the headphone set to a computer or laptop through a 2.0 USB port. Connect it easily with a simple USB Plug and Play installation. Viola, your headphones are ready for use.

One of the best aspects of the Pro-Tech 440 USB headphone with a mic is its multidimensional use. The headphones are perfect for digital classes, support calls, webinar presentations, etc. In addition, the in-built hand control button makes the headphones further accessible. Likewise, the volume up and down feature coupled with a mute mic headphone button with LED indicators all call for a seamless headphone experience. Now let us look at the features of the headphone.


USB headphone with mic

  1. In-built Noise Cancellation Mic Headphone –

    The USB headphones by BigPassport are an excellent way to listen to music or talk to a loved one. It is because it comes with noise cancellation. The commonly available noise cancellation headphones available on the market can be pretty expensive. However, the ones by BigPassport will not burn a hole in your pocket. The Pro-Tech 440 has a fantastic sound quality and noise cancellation features. Furthermore, the built-in microphone adds the perfect oomph to the device.


  1. Lightweight –

    Some top-quality headphones can be bulky and heavy. However, the Pro-Tech 440 USB headphones with a mic are incredibly lightweight, portable, and travel-friendly. They are easy to use, and you can easily fit them into a small-sized bag. To use the headphones, all you have to do is plug them into the laptop or computer, and you are good to go.


  1. Affordable –

    One of the biggest pros of the Big Passport Pro-Tech 440 headphones is their cost-effectiveness. The headphones do not require any battery, and you can simply connect them to your computer via a USB port. Thus, you will not break your bank in purchasing new batteries or replacing them.


  1. Durable Design –

    Durability and resilience highlight a good headphone set. The Pro-tech 440 by BigPassport is designed to withstand the hassles and drudgery of everyday life. They are made from incredibly strong material with a durable design and will last you for years.


  1. Better Quality –

    The USB headphone with mic by BigPassport offers much better quality than traditional headphones. Its various features are noise cancellation, feathery touch, durability, and affordability. As a result, it makes it a better option than the rest available.


6.  Adjustable Headband Design –

The USB headphones with a mic from BigPassport have an adjustable headband that can be altered to fit any head size. Thus, the Pro-Tech 440 is ideal for people who have difficulty finding headphones that fit. Consequently, the band is composed of a soft and flexible fabric that makes the headphones all the more comfortable to wear.

  1. World-class Features –

    The Pro-tech 440 USB headphone with a mic is equipped with inbuilt control buttons for easy usage. It has buttons for volume up or down, muting the mic, etc. The features can be directly controlled from the headset. Likewise, the headphones are incredibly easy to install. They have a USB plug-and-play installation. All you have to do is insert the headphone via the USB to a phone, laptop or computer, and all your work is done. The headphones do not require additional software or driver installation.


The Pro-Tech 440 USB headphone with mic is designed by the Indian electronic company BigPassport. It is ideal for people on the lookout for a stellar headphone set with all the top-notch features. In addition, the headphones are ideal for diverse scenarios, be it, online classes, listening to music, streaming movies, or getting on international business calls. Lastly, the cost-effectiveness of the headphones makes them all the more alluring. So, purchase one of the best headphones in the Indian market now and sit back, relax, and enjoy.


About BigPassport:

BigPassport is an Indian research and development company with a lucid vision to transition into a customer-oriented entertainment and home electronics brand of global stature. The company aspires to strengthen the Made in India rhetoric by rendering people top-notch devices and diligent services. With more than 30 warehouses scattered all across India, BigPassport has witnessed a whopping growth rate of 2100 per cent in the financial year 2020-2021. Moreover, for a robust global footprint, the company also operates sales and business development in the UK, the USA, Australia, and Canada. Therefore, now that we know the company’s fundamentals let us dive into the nitty-gritty of the product.


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