BigPassport USB Headphone with mic, Wired Computer Laptop Headset for Skype | Zoom Online Classes | Office & Call Centre | Model: Pro-Tech 440 | HSN:- 85183000


  • Adjustable Headband: Head-Mounted Adjustable Headphone.
  • Built Noise Cancellation Microphone: No More Disturbance from outside the World with Truly HD Clear Crystal Sound Quality.
  • In-Hand Control: In-built Control Button for Easy Use i.e., volume up/down, mute mic/headphone button with LED Indicators.
  • Rotatable Mic: comes with 330 degree rotatable mic.
  • Easy Installation: Simple USB Plug and Play Installation via USB Port to your Laptop/PC.
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Big Passport Pro-Tech 440 USB Headphone with Mic

Big Passport Pro-Tech 440 USB wired headphone It comes with an In-built Noise Cancellation Microphone. Multipurpose Use for Online class or course, support calls and webinar presentation. It comes with In-built In-Hand Control Button for Easy Use. Like volume up and down, mute mic headphone button with LED Indicators. Also it is a multipurpose USB Headphone with 30 MM Electro Magnetic Driver. It gives the Balanced HD Sound Quality with 330-degree Microphone Arm Rotation and 1.5 metre Cable Length.

  • Noise Cancelling Mic: USB Wired headphone Mic. and Auto Noise Cancellation functionality to remove any background sound disturbance. Clear and HD sound communication every time. Perfect for online classes and office meetings.
  • IN HAND CONTROLS: Inbuilt control buttons for easy use i.e., volume up/down, mute mic/headphone button with LED indicators. Control all features direct from your headphone.
  • Adjustable Headphone: A Light-Weight Headphone is made from High Quality Poly Carbonate material. Ultra-soft cushion foam Ear Pads removes any irritation and pressure on ears during for long usage.
  • Multi-Purpose: A multi-purpose designed usb headphone is used for Skype calling, Online classes and for listening music. A perfect Headphone for online gaming and YouTube broadcasting.
  • Installation and Use: Headphone with simple USB Plug and Play installation. Insert via USB port and the Headphone is ready to use. No Software and Additional Driver Installation is required.

Demo Video Of USB Headphone With Mic

usb headphone with mic

Features Of USB Headphones: –

usb headphone with mic

Crystal HD Sound

USB Wired headphone Mic with crystal clear audio for calls, music streaming and online  games. A reliable headset for daily audio including video calls with family and colleagues. Best designed for social media calling.

usb headphone

In Built Controls

Fully Inbuilt featured buttons on headphone with Volume Up and Down button with Headphone and mute mic. Control all functions directly from headphone with simple and convenient control.

usb headphone

Adjustable Headband

Sturdy yet lightweight stereo headset features with wide range of adjustments for a personalized fit. Ultra-soft foamed cushions provide long hours of comfort.

usb headphone with mic
usb headphone

Package Includes

Headphone         1 unit
User Manual       1 unit
Warranty Card    1 unit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is length of wire?
It has 1.5m long wire.

Does it need to install any drivers?
No need to install any additional driver as it is plug and play device.

Does the mic can be bent into any shape?
Yes, the mic can be rotating with 330° degree.

Is the microphone boom flexible and can be close to your mouth?
Yes, with spiral mic boom you can adjust the microphone to your most comfortable angle.

Does this headset lightweight?
Yes,lightweight and quite comfortable. Even you can wear it all day for business calls and you almost forget that you have it on.

I need a headset to work from home on my PC. Is this headset recommended?
Yes, this headphone is recommended as the sound of the headset is clear, comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Can you use it for dictation?
As this headset have an inbuilt mic you can use it for dictation, but that will depend on the software you will use for it.

Technical Specification
Technical Specification
Model No.Pro-Tech_440
Speaker Parameters
Speaker diameter:40 mm.
Impedance:32 ohms
Sensitivity:110 dB
Noise Level:≤-78 dB
Dynamic Range:≥78 dB
Distortion rate:1
Stereo Crosstalk:≤-52dBA
Frequency range:20Hz-20000KHz
Microphone Parameters
Function:Noise Cancellation
Sensitivity:-58 dB
Directionality:Omni Directional
Impedance:≤2.2 ohms
Frequency range:20Hz-20000KHz
Headphone Parameters
How to wear:Head mounted
Cable length:2m/1.35m


164 reviews for BigPassport USB Headphone with mic, Wired Computer Laptop Headset for Skype | Zoom Online Classes | Office & Call Centre | Model: Pro-Tech 440 | HSN:- 85183000

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    It is very good product sound is superb and bass is also very good
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    The plastic quality of headphones is not good but comparing the price it is really worth

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    C.Steve Anderson

    so nice product and economical but one problem is when i adjust size it pulls my hair it pains…..that’s the only problem

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    janvi goyal

    Good calls quality and comfortable. Bought it for my son school online classes. He likes the color and doesn’t complaint of ear pain during use. his earlier headphones were more like big gaming & he always felt pain wearing them for long classes, this one are light and comfortable sponge pads.

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    Very lightweight and adjustable

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    Ashwani mathur

    No disturbance & great noise cancellation

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    Best for office meetings & online classes

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    Excellent product, good build and quality, lightweight headphone, comfortable to wear, blocks out back ground noise, At least with these you don’t need to wait for them to charge.

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    Gd Headphone for my son and my family.

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    Dhananjay Bedre

    I like the sound quality.i am using this product for Skype calling.

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    Dudekula Malik basha

    I bought these headphones. It was working good with good sound and mic.

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    Good value for money headphone with excellent quality mic and headphone speaker. The noise cancellation feature could be improved.

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    I wanted a headset for work from home use for laptop. I ordered pro tech 134 it is overall a good product with proper sound and voice command. Just it need handle with care or else it will not long last.

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    asit kumar nayak

    Affordable for Calls for Conference call only

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    Weight: Light so won’t feel the pain even if used for 10-12 hrs.

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    Sound quality is good and mic is also effective, but after using an hour feeling pain in ear as ear cups are not so soft to give a good comfortable feeling.

  111. 4 out of 5

    Pravinkumar Jaykumar Gath

    I bought this for my 9 year old daughters online class, she liked it, fits to head properly. sound quality is also good. Most important is the length of wire is more so that one wont need the Bluetooth device which need to recharge time to time. is ease to install and use for online class. thank you once again

  112. 4 out of 5


    Got for my youngest and loves them. Not taken off since got. Really soft material and sit comfortably. Good range of growth and great it has limiter to protect ears. Highly recommend

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    Good headphones but arrived a day late.

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    These are good value headphones and work well.

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    I bought the set of two, really impressed! It seems durable, the wires are sturdy, the colour and comfort levels are great and the sound is really good aswell!! Kids are very happy, I would recommend to anyone.

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    Work well and fit my 5 year old. Used on holiday with no issues.

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    100% Premium looking earphones! 🤩 I just loved it! 😍

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    Such an amazing and light weight headphone.

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    Perfect Noise Canceling Headphone

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    This perfect and budget headphone. Ear pads are very comfortable of this headphone even the color of this headphone is very attractive.

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    Khushwinder kaur

    Personally i really like this product and i also recommended this headphone to you. If you are searching under 1k.

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    Rajan Atri

    Writing this review after using the headphones for 7 days.

    Headphone material is very good and the headrest padding is soft and gives comfort for using it for a long duration.

  129. 5 out of 5


    First of all lets talk about its quality it is quite good and they are very comfortable to wear we can wear these headphones nonstop for hours and simply enjoy the music, movies or Webseries thanks to the foam padding on ear cups.I am impressed

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    looking for headphones which consist of good specifications at a reasonable price then go for this product

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    I think best headphone in this price so go for it😎

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    This is a premium quality product for ptron lifestyle.

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    Sk Siraj Abbas.

    I’m Using This Headphone For the Last Couple of Days. It Has a New and Eye-catching Design. Besides It Feels Really Nice in Hand and It’s Durable, Thanks to Its Excellent Build Quality.

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    Sampad Goswami

    The product just wonderful Amazing sound quality.fits perfectly in the ear. It is very attractive and useful for me.

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    That’s Really Nice.

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    The Mic Quality is Excellent. On The Right Side There’s Three Buttons to Control All The Operations of The Headphone.

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    Reviewing this product after one day. Got it for 699 on 6/7 Aug sale.Overall decent headphone.

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    Comfortable earphones with very less weight and good ear fit.

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    Looks wise: Decent

    Sound quality: Good

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    Unique part of this product Extremely flexible and lightweighted.

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    It is worth the price product.
    It makes his job so easy all day.

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    Yug yogi

    Noise Cancellation is perfectly fine.

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    Ganesh Akkena

    Good enough

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    Sound quality awesome bro

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    Ronak Gatad

    Great Headphone

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    Bigpassport is the bestest ever.

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    If you all are looking for a new and best headphones then go for this blindly.. you will comfortable.

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    Quality is good , NO noise cancellation feature working , Very heavy .

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    Decent for the price point.

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    It’s a good package overall.
    To be honest, if you do heavy music or gaming, I won’t recommend it.

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    (1) Worth of the money 💰
    (2) Nice design & comfort 👂

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    Highly recommended

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    Worth a single penny 👍👍, big thumbs up.

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    Satisfying . Received today morning

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    thanks to BIGPASSPORT for super fast delivery

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    Bigpassport has brought great headphones in such a affordable price.

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