Mic For YouTube Videos – Tips To Record

mic for youtube videos

Mic For YouTube Videos – Tips To Record

Youtube videos are very popular these days. For youtube videos, good quality sound is as important as the video quality. But a being new YouTuber, we always find it difficult of how to record good quality sound for our videos. Herein, you’ll know about the ways to record sound with a mic for youtube videos. 

At its most basic level, good sound involves capturing clear audio at a reasonable recording level so that your audience can comprehend what your film is trying to say. However, good sound entails more than that: it necessitates carefully organizing your shoots with sound in mind.

Sound quality can significantly impact how people react to your film. However, audiences are usually more forgiving of camera and lighting errors than poor sound and recording quality.

How to Use the right mic for youtube videos?

The mic on your camera isn’t always a good enough mic for youtube videos, with a few exceptions. Use it as a guide to synchronize the audio you capture independently, but don’t rely on the integrated microphones. The application will determine the type of microphone you use. Here are a few examples of applications and microphones to think about.

To record live music with a mic for youtube videos, a simple solution is to place a pair of omnidirectional mics on the sides of the audience, a short distance from the PA. That’s where you’ll find the sound reinforcement equipment, stage sound, and enough audience to create the atmosphere of a live performance.


Even with YouTube videos, recording voice-overs with a mic for youtube videos is a fairly typical procedure. First, begin with an excellent dynamic broadcast microphone; most are affordable. One of the advantages of using dynamic mics is that they only pick up what’s right in front of them, so you don’t have to worry about your space’s acoustics when doing voice-over work.

Even though broadcast mics are forgiving, you still need to be careful with your performance technique.

Solo performances:

You’ll have to contend with the same fundamental considerations as in the studio and a few extras when it’s only one individual and their guitar (or any other instrument). So let’s start with some basic acoustics. First, you’ll want to keep room reflections under control, but you also won’t want to sit in a sterile studio environment, even if one is available. Fortunately for you, your living room may be the most excellent location for shooting with a mic for youtube videos. 

Your chair and couch are excellent at splitting up room modes, and the drapes over your windows can significantly lessen high-frequency reflections. If you have a lot of books on your bookshelf, they can behave as terrific diffraction (helpful in breaking up sound waves). The key is to position oneself to face the room, which is simple if you’re already sitting on the couch. If you’re going to utilize mic for YouTube videos, stay away from reflective surfaces like hardwood, bare walls, or many empty glass or mirrors.

This is where good mic technique comes into play. The ideal strategy to block out room noise and preserve the direct signal-to-noise ratio as high as possible is to get the mic or microphones close to the source. A cardioid polar pattern is thought to be the most effective; however, conventional wisdom is frequently incorrect.

If you have a multi-pattern mic, consider setting it to figure-8; you’ll be surprised how much space you can block out when you don’t have to worry about reflections entering the mic’s side for filming with mic for youtube videos.

For speaking and speech-related videos:

Make sure you talk clearly (speak clearly) into the mic for youtube videos. To avoid having to read a script, rehearse or even memorize it and perform it instead. No one enjoys the sound of reading, no matter how perfectly it’s recorded.

A shotgun mic might be the best option for you. It has the isolation that a dynamic mic should have, and you don’t have to get too near to get an excellent, genuine sound.

If you’re filming a movie or a skit-type video: 

Boom microphones are frequently held above the scene’s frame on a long pole. As a result, they almost always need an extra crew member. On the other hand, they’re ideal for filming group conversations or broad perspectives that don’t allow for a microphone on the speaker.

How to improve the sound of mic for youtube videos ?

Now that you’ve understood how to record sounds for various occasions and the type of microphone and technique best suited let us look at how you can improve this recorded sound.

You can improve your recording conditions by doing a few things when recording with a mic for youtube videos. First, try insulating your space with sound blankets and foam to reduce echoes if you’re inside. Avoid recording near noisy refrigerators and air conditioners, and remember to turn off any electronic devices that can disrupt your recording.

Probably, you won’t be able to eliminate all background noise if you’re outside. In this scenario, it’s critical to select the correct microphone and test it to ensure that you’re obtaining good audio levels.

Firstly, confirm that your mic is properly attached to the camera’s audio input. Next, check to see if your microphone has to be powered separately. After then, keep the mic close to the audio source you’re recording with a mic for youtube videos. For example, your mouth when speaking. Also, don’t yell, but project your voice loudly. Keep an ear to the ground while recording. This is to ensure that everything is precisely how you want it to be (through headphones). If it’s just you, do a practice run and listen to it while with a mic for youtube videos.


YouTube’s AAC-LC audio codec standard provides for many natural dynamic ranges. However, modern viewers have been conditioned to demand that everything be loud and snappy. They want to push the top end of the possible gain with very little frequency response. As a result, the importance of picking the right microphone cannot be overstated. Hopefully, you have understood the nuances of recording with a mic for youtube videos.


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